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5 Soldiers

A former student of Northern Ballet School has been making headlines with his recent role in '5 Soldiers'.

Read the full article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-47179924

Alex attended Northern Ballet School before re-training as a soldier. The article quotes Alex, "I think dance carried me through selection and then it carried me through basic training, because I was quite physically fit. I could carry the weight because I was used to lifting girls."

He later successfully auditioned for '5 Soldiers', the show created by choreographer Rosie Kay about all aspects of military life - the rigorous training, the friendships and the stress of going into conflict.

In the article Alex also says that "despite appearances, dancers and soldiers have quite a lot in common. Self-discipline is important in both cases, and a determination to succeed."

"I am just very appreciative that all the training that I have done, and all my teachers - which I am really thankful for - have been able to put me in this position."

Photography by Brian Slater.


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