At Northern Ballet School we believe that to become informed creative dancers our students must experience a wide range of study.

These modules are provided over and above the core subjects on your course and are designed to give you the best possible career prospects in today's demanding industry. Trips and outings to enjoy Manchester's rich theatrical and cultural tradition enhance the rounded education we offer.

The four modules of the course run through all three years of study. You can then choose optional subjects within the modules to suit your individual needs and ambitions:

Module:Dance Studies

This is the central module for all students, with classical ballet studied by everyone. At Northern Ballet School we believe that the benefits of a strong classical technique underpins good technique in other forms of dance. A wide variety of styles are studied including jazz, contemporary and tap.

As your first year progresses you'll begin to specialise in those areas that interest you most. You'll be placed in a subject group that best matches your skill levels and career aims and ultimate objectives, with a tutor assigned to the group. This ensures continuity of training and a focus on individual development.

When you move into your second and third years the balance of subjects you follow will change to suit your chosen specialisation – either classical ballet or jazz theatre.

“Students are taught how to look after themselves, from fitness and nutrition classes to anatomy classes where you learn how the dancers body works, to pilates classes – where students get the chance to put what you have learnt into action – preventing common injuries and hopefully helping to sustain a long career, these are all things I still carry with me and have become a part of my every day life.”

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Ellie Senior
NBS Graduate 2008

Module:Performance Studies

This module allows you to build on the techniques you learn in the Dance Studies module by taking part in performance-based classes. These classes give you a variety of other essential performance skills including vocal studies and drama together with an understanding of the production aspects of live theatre including stagecraft, make-up, costuming, props management, microphone technique and the basics of stage lighting and design. You'll also be introduced to auditioning, casting procedure and the disciplines of rehearsal and scheduling.

Repertoire (classical or jazz) is an important component of this module which will give you many of the skills necessary for a career in the professional theatre, along with opportunities to learn and perform in a variety of different genres and styles.

Module:Contextual Studies

This module widens and deepens your knowledge and understanding of the world of theatrical dance, which in turn will enhance your performance standards and employability.

An important objective is to help you gain a good understanding of how your body works. The aim is to develop your musicality and technique to optimise your physique and also to minimise the risk of injury in training or performance.

Subjects covered include anatomy for the dancer, dance history, music in relation to dance, performance psychology, nutrition, health and safety at work, and employment contract terms and conditions.

Module:Ancillary Subjects

This module covers a range of subjects. Several help you to acquire transferable skills which will support you in your training and during a subsequent performance career or afterwards.

The subjects available include, amongst others:

  • Pilates and Body Conditioning for a healthy body and the strength necessary for a sustained performance.
  • Teaching Studies.
  • Optional external examinations are included, to widen the scope for a post-performance dance career.