How We Look After You

At Northern Ballet School there is as much emphasis on the physical and mental wellbeing of students as there is on the quality of the education and training we provide.

The school has clear channels for staff/student communication and a pro-active health and safety policy, which includes student representation on the monitoring committee.

All new students are issued with a handbook which sets out clearly the school rules and procedures and how to obtain guidance or help with any problems. Full medical absence and dance injury records are kept and monitored regularly.

Here are some of the specific ways that we look after the welfare of our students:

There is always someone to talk to

Each year's new student intake is assigned a Year Tutor who holds group and individual tutorials each term. Each year elects two student representatives who can raise matters of general concern with the Year Tutor or with the Principal, who operates an 'open-door' policy. She is normally available on the same day or within 24 hours of a request for a meeting. Students can also raise matters of concern with members of staff other than their Year Tutors or student 'reps' if they prefer.

Advice for students on eating well

Regular lectures on nutrition for dancers are given by highly qualified specialists.

Professional help is close by

There are a number of NHS walk-in centres around the city, or students can of course register with one of the general medical practices near to the school. A number of NBS staff are trained first-aiders and there is a well equipped first aid/physiotherapy room on the premises. Close to the school are a number of hospitals – general accident, specialist eye, dental and foot – which all accept emergency cases.

There are also a number of physiotherapists in practice near to the school and we will be pleased to suggest one if a student needs it.

Gym facilities

Male students have free use of a nearby gym to help develop the upper body strength necessary for their course. We have also negotiated a reduced membership of the same gym for female students.

Male students
As part of the course, male students are required to develop their upper body strength.

The importance of insurance

Students are advised to take out personal medical insurance to cover the costs of specialist orthopaedic or physiotherapy dance injury treatment.

The following Policy Documents are available from the school:

As Northern Ballet School now falls under the BIMM Institute, all policies and procedures can be found here.