Equality & Diversity

Northern Ballet School is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in the employment of administrative and teaching staff and in the recruitment of students.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin or on the grounds of gender or marital status, or disability.

It is our policy to employ and train people with disabilities when their skills and qualifications allow and if suitable vacancies are available. Employees and students are interviewed, assessed and selected on the basis of their ability and merits according to the requirements of the vacancy or course.

It is the responsibility of the Administrative Director and the Principal to ensure that this policy is implemented.

“The years I spent at NBS were just amazing, I met the greatest teachers and friends. As I am from Japan it was hard for me to understand English but they always spoke to me so kindly. For me, we are like a family. My experience at NBS improved my technique to a high level and that's why I could be attached to my current company; Ajkun Ballet Theatre, New York.”

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Sahya Ohshima
NBS Graduate 2014
A Showcase of Dance
NBS graduates Mami Muramatsu, Kanae Kusu, & Miku Okawa & Nagisa Suzuki (left to right) performing in our annual summer showcase.