Jazz Theatre Focus

You can choose to follow this option for Years Two and Three of your course. It is designed to give you all the skills you need to begin a career in the demanding world of commercial theatre. The course has a multi-disciplinary approach which provides you with a strong base while also giving you the freedom to develop your individual strengths and interests.

Your core classes

To reflect the diversity of skills now demanded by the industry – the so-called 'Triple Threat' requirement that performers should be strong not just in dance but also in acting and singing.

The core subjects you will study are jazz (and jazz repertoire) in a variety of styles, ballet, contemporary, tap, vocal studies and drama. These last two are important to help build your confidence, stage presence and theatricality while giving you skills in characterisation and interpretation.

Additional modules

Core subjects are complemented by a number of other subjects during your three years. You'll find more about these in Modules.

You'll keep up to date with current industry trends

Workshops and guest classes with current choreographers and dancers will keep you in touch with current developments in this extremely dynamic area of theatre. These classes combine with your broad study of jazz technique, giving you a wide range of skills to draw on.

“Although my focus as a dancer has always been on Ballet, I'm glad I chose NBS for the all-round training it provides. Jazz/Modern technique is fundamental to developing a dynamicism that can't be achieved through Classical technique alone. The same can be said for Contemporary technique with the way it develops fluidity and ease of movement, Tap and its development of rhythm and musical understanding, and Musical Theatre and its development of performance. The variety of dance styles I am now competent in has also been a massive boost to my versatility as a teacher.”

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Neil Towers
NBS Graduate 2008

We'll help you get ready to look for work

In your final year we'll give you guidance on the compilation of your CV and portfolio and help you choose and rehearse the dance routines, songs and monologues you'll need for auditions. At the end of this process you'll be given a mock audition which will be valuable preparation for the future.

Jazzgalore is NBS' jazz theatre performance company.

Jazzgalore – our jazz theatre performing company

Jazzgalore is one of the two NBS performing companies (the other is Manchester City Ballet). Our students perform a wide variety of existing and new musical theatre repertoire at regular intervals throughout the year in the school's own 430-seat public theatre.

This is great experience that helps you to build the versatility, confidence and stamina essential for this area of professional theatre. As well as performance skills like microphone technique and strong projection and focus on stage, you'll also learn the importance of set and lighting design, costumes, make-up and props in the overall cohesion of a performance.